Natural and Sustainable Straw Hats

Our natural straw hats are made of organic, sustainable plant fibers including Madagascar raffia, Mexican palm leaf, seagrass, hemp, jute, rush, and fine wheat straw. Most are hand-braided or crocheted, combining attention to detail with accessible prices.

wholesale palm leaf safari hat 1961 Palm Leaf Safari Hat
Wholesale Price: $19.00
wholesale palm leaf straw sun visors - made in mexico hats wholesale 1962 Natural Palm Leaf Visor
Wholesale Price: $11.00
wholesale palm leaf boater hat 1919-NB Palm Leaf Gaucho Hat
Wholesale Price: $24.00
wholesale natural hemp crochet hats - hippie boho hats wholesale 1937 Natural Hemp Crochet Hat
Wholesale Price: $12.00
wholesale palm leaf rancher hat 1903-NB Palm Leaf Rancher Hat
Wholesale Price: $24.00
wholesale palm leaf lifeguard hat 1898 Palm Leaf Lifeguard Hat
Wholesale Price: $9.00
1879 Raffia Gambler Hat 1879 Raffia Gambler Hat
Wholesale Price: $15.50
wholesale hemp fedora hats - womens hemp fedoras wholesale - mens hemp fedora hats wholesale 7814 Hemp Fabric Fedora
Wholesale Price: $7.50
raffia braid fabric sun visor 1865 Raffia & Fabric Sun Visor
Wholesale Price: $18.50
wholesale organic raffia straw safari hats - raffia panama hats 1728 Raffia Straw Panama
Wholesale Price: $24.00
wholesale Hemp Braid Sun Hat 1819 Hemp Braid Sun Hat
Wholesale Price: $12.00
hemp hats wholesale bucket hats 1818 Hemp Braid Cloche
Wholesale Price: $12.00
wholesale raffia straw bucket hat 2912-NS Raffia Straw Bucket Hat
Wholesale Price: $10.00
wholesale Open Weave Straw Sun Hat 6301R Open Weave Straw Sun Hat
Wholesale Price: $4.00